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Auto Insurance

Having auto insurance in Oklahoma is more than just a good idea—it’s the law. In fact, our state is one of the few that randomly scans license plates to ensure drivers have current coverage. Keep yourself in compliance with a policy from LeBo Insurance Services.

Selecting the Right Level of Coverage for Your Needs

State minimum auto insurance limits in Oklahoma are 25/50/25. In most cases, this low level is sufficient for normal everyday driving and to stay legally compliant. But what if you own a home or a business? Or you have a great job with a substantial income? Keeping your auto insurance rates at such a low level could be asking for disaster if you’re ever involved in a serious accident that results in a lawsuit or wage garnishment.

Our team at LeBo Insurance Services has decades of combined experience to help you select the right level of coverage for your needs. Before purchasing a policy, we will sit down with you to determine whether state minimum limits are sufficient for your age and lifestyle or something higher is more appropriate.

Tickets, Accidents, and Other Situations

Even if you have a poor driving history, our LeBo Insurance Services team is here to help. We’ve helped countless drivers overcome tickets, accidents, and other situations to ensure they have the coverage they need.

Have a teenager in the household? We can help you get the right policy for your youthful driver and determine any appropriate discount options available.

Classic, Antique, and Customized Vehicles

At LeBo insurance Services, we work hard to ensure our customers receive the right type of coverage for their needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will sit down with you to determine the most appropriate policy type and limits for your classic, antique, or customized car.

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