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Motorcycle Insurance

Generally, motorcycle insurance requirements mirror those for car insurance. However, that is not always the case in every state. In Oklahoma, the state requires all riders to show proof of financial responsibility whenever requested by law enforcement officials. The least expensive method of fulfilling this requirement is through motorcycle insurance. In addition to providing proof of financial responsibility, Oklahoma is an “at-fault” state which means riders who are at fault during an accident without coverage can be fined, sued and even incarcerated.

State Requirements

At the bare minimum, riders must carry a liability policy that would cover death or bodily injury to a single person, death or bodily injury to two or more people and damage or destruction of property. Liability insurance protects the rider from claims based on injuries or property damage and covers the legal fees plus any payouts that may occur from legal proceedings following an accident.

Additional Coverage

While the minimum insurance will cover a minor accident, there are other options for riders in the Sooner State. These include:

  • Bodily injury coverage – protects the at-fault party against specific costs if someone is injured or killed and protects the passenger.
  • Collision coverage – covers the cost of the motorcycle in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage – protects the at-fault party against fire, theft, vandalism, water, and wind.
  • Custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage – insures the customized aspects of the bike.
  • Medical payment coverage – covers prescription drug payments, medical co-payments, deductibles, dental care, and other health coverage policies.
  • Uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage – on the road in the Sooner State at any given time, almost 26% of motorists are insured. This coverage protects against those who have no insurance or do not have enough insurance to cover costs.

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