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Umbrella Insurance

At LeBo Insurance Services LLC, we have helped many Oklahoma find the type of high-quality umbrella insurance that they need for their home or business. Fully understanding the requirements of this state can help you better understand what you need to consider when buying a policy.

Umbrella Policies are Supplemental

Although this state requires individuals to have several types of insurance – such as health and auto coverage – umbrella insurance is not considered mandatory. Like in other states, this type of policy is considered a supplemental style of coverage that doesn't necessarily apply to all people.

However, there are many individuals who may benefit from buying this type of policy. Simply put, those who are likely to experience high levels of liability in their home or career should consider this type of policy. The following section will discuss a few people who may want this type of policy.

Individuals Who May Appreciate Umbrella Policies

Umbrella insurance policies typically help a wide range of people when a lawsuit threatens their finances. Essentially, umbrella insurance is an extended form of liability coverage that goes into effect when a normal policy is maxed out. As a result, the following people typically do the best with these types of policies:

  • People who do a lot of business at home
  • Large companies who interact with many different individual clients
  • Anybody who owns risky vehicles, such as four-wheelers, ATVs, campers, or speed boats

Although those individuals may experience the best results with this type of liability insurance, there are many others who may benefit from this type of policy. Don't automatically rule it out if you don't fall under these headings.

Let Us Help You Find a Policy

If you live in Oklahoma and want this type of insurance, please contact us at LeBo Insurance Services LLC right away to get help. We will work with your individual or business needs and find a high-quality umbrella policy that protects you from serious lawsuits.

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